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Business Crowdfunding with UFUND: 5 Simple Steps to Follow

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Blockchain is a world-changing technology that has been around for almost a decade now. While its applications like cryptocurrencies have gained a certain degree of maturity, blockchain still has a long way to go before mainstream adoption.

That being said, we are here to talk about UFUND – a blockchain-powered platform that empowers everyone from businesses to individuals.

Business crowdfunding - what is UFUND and how does it work?

UFUND is a radical idea that was turned into reality with the help of a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts in 2019. It’s an innovative platform where investors and campaigners can come together to raise funds and trade tokens. What makes this platform unique is that it promotes economic freedom by providing businesses and individuals with a fair, accessible, and safe financial system.

As an early adopter of crypto-based crowdfunding and tokenization, UFUND stands at the cross-section of finance and technology. Through its web-based platform and mobile app, you can have full control of your investments, campaigns, tokens, and assets. All you need to do is follow the following steps to get started as an investor or campaigner.

Part 1: Starting as an Investor

1. Go to the UFUND website or download the mobile app.
2. Next, enroll with UFUND by entering your email.
3. Verify your email to access your investor account.
4. Create your portfolio and connect with many investors.
5. Make investments and get feedback from them.

Part 2: Start as a Campaigner

1. Visit the UFUND website or just download the app.
2. Get registered with UFUND.
3. Enter your email and verify it.
4. Create your portfolio as a campaigner.
5. Submit the description of your assets.
6. Start campaigning and get feedback for tokens, contracts, listings, etc.

Why do you need UFUND?

In the past few years, cyber threats, data security, and privacy have become serious concerns for businesses and individuals. This is where UFUND gives birth to a whole-new, transparent, and secure way of collaboration between small and medium businesses.

The platform eliminates middlemen and targets the SME sector by implementing the smart contract functionality of blockchain. It creates a decentralized online marketplace, similar to eBay and Amazon, enabling investors and campaigners to trade their physical and digital goods, commodities, and assets.

The best part is: you don’t have to pay any fees to third-parties. This includes currency spreads and fees to banks, PayPal, and eBay.

In Conclusion

You see, UFUND is revolutionizing the blockchain and finance ecosystem. So, it’s your ultimate chance to join the revolution and step towards DeFi. Whether you want to trade non-fungible tokens, connect with investors, or campaign for businesses, everything is covered at UFUND. Get started today!

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